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About Centering Prayer Retreats
(One, Three, Five and Ten Day retreats)

Centering Prayer retreats are the perfect way to take some time apart from the world, rest in the silence and deepen your relationship with God. Retreats offer us a unique opportunity to enter into silence in community. We practice both Exterior and Interior silence. Exterior silence is the appearance of quiet outwardly. Interior silence is allowing a space in which God can communicate with us.

During retreats, we observe Silence except with scheduled discussions, meals with conversation or private interviews. Exterior silence is the practice of silence of body, speech and mind. Any form of communication with others, including eye contact, gestures, sign language, written notes, etc. takes us away from our intent to be with God. Conversation is allowed during some evening meals in order to build community in Christ. These evening meals are rare gifts in which we are provided an opportunity to soul-friend with one another.

Interior silence is the practice of letting go of the interior dialogue, and allowing the simple presence of our being to come to the forefront of our attention. If you have an active prayer sentence that you typically use to assist your during your day, this is a wonderful time to strengthen it.

We aim to enter that space that the Unknown author of Cloud speaks of:
“That which I am I offer to you , O Lord, without looking into any quality of your being, but only to the fact that you are as you are; this, and nothing more”.

Together we remain alert and maintain an inner attitude of understanding and compassionate kindness towards all others who have joined us in the retreat, regardless of whether they appear to be keeping the rule of "Silence." Each of us brings our own gift of interior intention to the whole. You are responsible only for your part.


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Needing some time away in the silence? All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Carmel hosts a retreat cottage on our campus. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the cottage was open for short-term retreats. During the pandemic, we have temporarily ceased allowing short-term retreats because it imposes too many risks. However, we are open for a long-term stay for one month or longer. If you are interested in taking a long-term retreat in Carmel-by-the-Sea in Dame Julian Cottage, please visit our website at to see our accommodations. For reservations, please email The Rev. Amber Sturgess


For further information from the National Organization web site please visit Contemplative Practices